Dodecaedro Group | Volkswagen – Salón del Autómovil
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Volkswagen – Salón del Autómovil

The White Cloud

The plastic content of the clouds, in an abstract sense, inspired us to shape the proposal, under the motto of the call for tenders. The topic suggested in the brief, involves a commitment that relates the architecture of the stand with the communicational content of the brand. Our main concern has been to achieve white immateriality without losing morphological capacity of expression, with support in a clear form, inscribed in the minimalist framework that Volkswagen uses to stand out. On these guidelines, we support our work. Under this conceptual approach, we introduce stylized curves, crossing the lot, to obtain an iconic shape, appreciable from all the visuals that its location offers us.




6 Salón del Automóvil de Buenos Aires 2013


2148 m² (PB + Entrepiso)


100 personas

Project and Construction

Dodecaedro Group

Assembly time

7 días

Automobile, Home main