Dodecaedro Group | Creativity + Architecture + Technology
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Creativity + Architecture + Technology

These are the basic concepts to achieve a greater connection with the public. Several years ago, we understood that it is not about “building” but “creating spaces”.


Strategy, creativity and aesthetics
at the service of sales

There are several outstanding aspects leading to success of a stand and the fact of being remembered. These are the wisdom in the selection and location of the stand lot, as well as creativity in design and construction quality, among others. We ensure to foster all the other aspects to achieve the goals proposed.

We reason, innovate, project and materialize

Always focused on the targets success agreed with our clients.

Commercial and Advertising

Our Expertise

It leads us to get a powerful synergy between what our clients wish to inform and a concept created to such effect. We thus achieve aesthetic projects and of constructive power, by controlling the work’s costs.



Sense expression results in greater illusion

This is our creative starting point. The commercial scenography is a communication vehicle and it should not be thought only as decoration. Through different materials and techniques we may transfer a concept, by emphasizing sense expression and strengthening illusion.


Events setting
and design

Environments that invite our five senses

To take part of an experience enabling audiences to get closer to the fourth dimension world, through the setting and design, lightening and other resources.

Powerful ideas

They help us create a message, a product launch, an inauguration or a celebration. We want audiences to live the message they look for, by means of a set of perceptions so that its effectiveness may be increased.

An interdisciplinary team

Our team is composed by architects, industrial designers, graphic designers, idea men and IT experts.

Smart strategies

To effectively advise the values around a company, product or service. To put the design at the service of the brand’s identity, to consolidate it and reach the goals of our clients in every event.

Colors, textures and shapes

They are the tools we use to express innovative ideas.

Quality materials

They are the raw material we use for our spaces for audiences to enjoy and remember them.